Custom Initiatives

CWK develops social marketing and community outreach initiatives for school districts, government agencies, and community organizations.  These initiatives include a variety of elements such as locally produced video segments, custom curricula, custom websites, media placement and community events.

Some of CWK’s custom partners include but are not limited to:

  1. Archdiocese of New York Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program
  2. Arkansas Children’s Hospital
  3. Bergen County Schools
  4. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
  5. Georgia Governor’s Office for Children and Families
  6. Guilford County Schools
  7. Houston Independent Schools
  8. Los Angeles Unified School System
  9. Miami-Dade Public Schools
  10. Newark Public Schools
  11. Sprint Foundation
  12. Stafford County (Virginia) Schools
  13. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  14. Throggs Neck (New York) Community Action Partnership
  15. Verizon Foundation

Contact us for details on custom initiatives and pricing. 



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